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AH Sisters

Last Saturday of Every Month
Start Time
9 am

Brunch, Prayer, and Word of God


Throughout the year AH Sisters offer different events where our women are encouraged to come out and have a heart-to-heart with one another to provide the emotional and mental support that only other women can give. During these chats, women are optimistic and eager to share with one another what it means to be a woman of God.

There is a place for everyone within the group of Abundant Hope Sisters. We don’t have clicks just love! Our definition of who we are in our circle of friends is not determined by the tote we carry or the name brands we wear. We are exchanging our worldly clothes for glorious garments of praise. We are painting our lips with kindness and truth, not just color. We are decorating our hands to serve and to give generously. We desire to make a difference in our community and abroad. This is the heartbeat of AH Sisters.

As followers of Christ we must shine the true example of what a 21 Century Christian Woman exemplifies. How does she behave, react and express herself at home, work, within the walls of her church and her community? It is our desire to understand the timeless connection between women of today and women in the Bible.